Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nekysia on "Bestial Necromancy" compilation

New demo out now

Nekysia began their activities in May of 2006m .A.T! The battle was marked with the release of the first demo. The demo recorded to the same month of the same year! The name of the demo is "Manes Exitae Paternis(Shadows of our fathers come)" and the members are Ierofantis (guitars,bass,vocals,lyrics) and Kaiadas (drums,vocals,lyrics)! The only purpose is to play pure fucking black metal and to destroy the trend enemy! We are thirsty for blood!!!! (Peinasmenoi ki aimatovamenoi, stigmatismenoi ap ola ta shmadia tou xronou, kai oi NEKROI ragizoun tis kardies mas, einai oi skies twn paterwn mas, OI SKIES TWN PATERWN MAS)!!!!!!!!